What is a Recovery Coach?

Recovery Coaching and Mentoring is a peer-based addiction and dependency recovery support service.

It is non-clinical, and Recovery Coaches walk side by side with individuals experiencing addiction through the clinical appointments and everyday life. Recovery Coaches are in recovery from addiction. We have experienced the unique challenges of substance use, substance use disorder, and recovery. We are trained to engage others with initiating recovery, stabilization, and then throughout recovery maintenance. Peer interventions have been shown to improve engagement and retention of people seeking service.

Recovery Coaches are effective. Research shows that long-term treatment and/or recovery outcomes are improved by assertive linkages to community-based recovery supports such as Recovery Coaching and Mentoring. When people with lived experience walk side by side with their peers and advocate for them with counselors, therapists, nurses, doctors and the judicial system, the outcomes can be dramatically improved.

We experience the best and the worst of addiction. Recovery happens and is for everyone- as they define it for themselves. Considering our shared human experiences, there aren’t many achievements that are more rewarding than finding one’s path to recovery. The path is unique to every individual, but the joys abound to everyone involved. We are humbled, honored, and privileged to walk with so many in their recovery.

Value in Recovery Coaches

We are proud that…

Recovery Allies has trainers certified to train more than 10 recognized trainings.
Recovery Allies has completed over 35 CCAR Recovery Coach Academy Training (40 hour course).
Recovery Allies has trained over 800 individuals.
Recovery Allies has trainers for the two day CCAR Ethics Course.
Recovery Allies has actively engaged with Departments of Health and Human Services Community Mental Health Agencies across Michigan.
Recovery Allies has participated in the completion of the Recovery Coach Certification with the IC&RC.
Recovery Allies has approved trainers for the Great Lakes Addiction Technology Center.
Recovery Allies has extensive knowledge in Recovery Oriented Systems and has provided trainings to a variety of organizations including treatment providers, DHHS and community symposiums, the criminal justice system and is routinely present at many recovery rallies and celebrations.

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) Recovery Coaches

A Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) is a way to approach both the acute challenges of substance use disorder and then plan for long-term recovery together.

Many programs focus only on the time a person breaks free from their substance or substances.

But what comes after this moment can be considered equally – if not more – important. This is the shift from the immediate challenges to the longterm and stabilized wellness of a strong recovery.

ROSC Recovery Coach training (also known as CCAR training) subjects include:

  • What a Recovery Coach can do
  • How to supervise them to get the most out of the position,
  • The launguage we should and shouldn’t use
  • The role of community in Recovery Supports and
  • What can be done to change the current system for better outcomes