Board Members

Heather Greko, President

Terry Byam Egan

Mark Thomson, Secretary

Marvin McKenzie


Brian Keeley, Executive Director BS

Brooke Bouman, CPRM-M

Karima Diggs Holmes, MBA, CPRM-M

Anna Ruffin, AA, CADA, CPRM-M

Nicole Ward, CPRM-M

Douglas Hulst

Kristin Reinink, BA, CADC, RYA-200hr

Janice Schau

There is a Recovery Revolution growing.

There is a tide flowing.

There is a cultural shift in the way our nation views struggles with substances.

Come, join us and join the revolution!

Recovery Allies is a cutting edge grassroots non-profit organization based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are an RCO: Recovery Community Organization and one of about 125 or so, nationwide.

What’s an RCO? Well, that’s extremely important to know as RCOs are the front lines of the new Recovery Revolution and building more and more momentum in changing the way we view substance use issues – Substance Use Disorder – from individuals all the way up to large corporations.

The purpose of RCOs is to educate and elevate the Pathways Concept in recovery.

The Pathways Concept is the core of the Recovery Revolution. This concept is that there are many pathways into substance use disorder, dependency and addiction. Just as there are many pathways in so – too – there are many pathways out.  For over 75 years the public at large has believed that there is only 1 way out, through a 12-step program and necessary connection to a higher power. If this works for an individual that is wonderful. But, the problem is that it does not work for the majority of individuals coming into contact with 12-step entities. AA’s own website indicates success for approximately 10% of those engaging the program. Thus, let’s celebrate this 10% and educate the other 90% on other pathways. These include but are not limited to:  SMART Recovery, LifeRing, Women For Sobriety, Wellbriety, Refuge Recovery… and others. Pathways also refers to helping individuals engage with and discover their passions in life. These things – like meditation, yoga, fitness, writing, horses, animals, motorcycle riding, cooking, sewing, artwork, etc., etc., etc…  open endless doors to endless pathways to wellness and being, as we often say:  Better than well.

Recovery Allies spreads the message and educates on the Pathways Concept as much as possible. We do this through the digital world, trainings and creating Recovery Coaches and Mentors. Coaches are PEER SUPPORT INDIVIDUALS whom walk side by side with those struggling with a substance issues and those whom love and care for this individual. Coaches and Mentors can be professionals or any individual wanting to expand and enlighten his/her concept of the world of recovery.

Recovery Allies also mentors parents whom are separated from their children via the foster care system. A majority of these separations are due to untreated Substance Use Disorder and our mentors and coaches work with these parents via our Safe Passages program in collaboration with a local established foster care organization based in Kent County, Michigan.

So come… would you like to learn more?

Would you like to be a part of this truly historical moment in helping our nation to change the way we address substance issues and Substance Use Disorder?

The front lines of the Recovery Revolution may be a little messy and may be a little intense, at times.  Through adversity there is always growth… provided we chose that path.

But, the end goal in sight – HELPING ALL TO LIVE THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF LIFE AN INDIVIDUAL CAN CREATE – is well worth all the time, effort and energy we can give.

Come… join the Recovery Revolution with Recovery Allies.


At Recovery Allies we promote long-term recovery from substance use disorders.  We also mentor through our Safe Passages program, reuniting parents with their children.  This results in healthier individuals, families, and communities.  An improved – slightly to extremely – quality of life is the summit at the top of the mountain.  There are many pathways in which to reach this summit. We are here to support an individual’s definition of his/her recovery and whichever pathway suits him/her BEST!

The time is now.  Take a look at the Surgeon General’s report on substance misuse and issues, published in the fall of 2016.


No.  There are many bridges to a longterm recovery. There are many pathways to a longterm recovery. There is much joy in recovery.   Recovery is a reality in the lives of millions – even if millions do not consider themselves IN recovery. Recovery flourishes in supportive communities. Recovery is a voluntary process. Recovering people are part of the solution. Recovery gives back what addiction and dependency take away.

Recovery Allies is made up of individuals, families, and entire communities seeking recovery. We are your neighbor, friend, brother, daughter.  We are your boss, your student, your politician, your co-worker. We are those whom have struggled with our own addictions and dependencies and we are those whom you have known, loved or cared for.  We are those whom have lived with a person with a substance use disorder.

Recovery Allies strives to one day open a Recovery Community Center, which will be staffed by recovering people. These people will connect individuals and families to long-term recovery through information and referral, public education, and recovery support services.

Recovery Allies is a member of the Association of Recovery Community Organizations.

We believe that the public has the right to know the facts about substance use in their community, to understand the science behind evidence-based treatment, and to encounter success stories of individuals that are living well in recovery.

We believe in and support many paths to recovery, that individuals are experts regarding their own lives, and have the right to direct their personal recovery journey. We believe that every individual struggling with substance use should have access to the best form of recovery supports, if they so choose.

We believe in building community collaboration and cooperation, understanding that every individual and organization has a unique voice that needs to be heard.

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