Recovery Allies is a non-profit who’s mission is to engage community to help people Recover. We do that by offering Recovery Coaching and Mentoring services, education of family, friends and community.  We also celebrate and share the fact that approximately 25,000,000 people are in Recovery.  We are advocates of the Multiple Pathways concept of Recovery.  In short, this is the belief that a person defines his or her own recovery.  Each one is unique and no one can say his or hers is the way for others.  Igniting passions and hobbies and combining these with the Mutual Aid Support Group which aligns with an individual’s values and beliefs is key.  AA, NA, SMART, LifeRing, Women for Sobriety, Wellbriety and Refuge Recovery are a few of the prime options.  Together these pathways all unite to guide an individual to the highest quality of living he or she can achieve.  Abstinence.  Medically Assisted Treatment.  All pathways are considered and explored for an individual.  Recovery Allies is here to walk side by side with a person as this process of defining, designing and discovery unfold.

We are grateful and passionate about our work.


We help people get BETTER than well.


We are a nationally recognized leader among Recovery Community Organizations and training organizations.


Connect with your community and meet others thriving in wellness and recovery.

Welcome… To options!

Recovery Allies strives to be THE voice for the recovery community, works to reduce stigma and helps shape public attitudes towards individuals and families who are living with a Substance Use Disorder.

Recovery Allies does not endorse any specific treatment/recovery plan.  We encourage and accept recovery as a journey that takes many different paths and pathways. Just as there are many pathways into dependency, there are multiple pathways into recovery.  And perhaps most importantly, there are many pathways to sustain and grow longterm recovery and overall wellness.  We recognize how important it is to create environments where recovery is supported and not threatened. Recovery Allies envisions communities where access to risk reduction, prevention, treatment and recovery support are readily available to everyone.  We are an RCO:  Recovery Community Organization.  

We help people enter into recovery through stigma reduction and increasing access to treatment.  We offer hope by demonstrating that recovery is a reality for millions.  We treat those in active addiction/dependency with compassion, kindness, intelligence, objectivity and lived experience. We also focus on the young, before they may become dependent.

Recovery Allies envisions a world with fewer and fewer individuals with a Substance Use Disorder.

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